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Six-Sided: Cuboid
2x5x63D-printed extensions glued onto a 6x6x6.
2x5x7One of the most uneven cuboids.
2x6x10Designed to be the ultimative shape shifter.

2x6x6Another cuboid which had been thought to be impossible in the past.
2x6x6 (plane cuts)An already implemented cuboid redesigned without olzing.
2x8x8A pillowed version of the 2x8x8. Made from a 8x8x8.

3 Layer Super Square-1A puzzle made from the Super Square-1 with 3 layers instead of four.
3x3x10A 3x3x10 with the shape of a true cuboid.
3x3x10 (pillowed)A 3x3x10 cuboid. It had to be non-proportionate to be functional.

3x3x10 ICompact cuboid with one more layer than the 3x3x9.
3x3x10 IIThe concept of Roadblock implemented with 10 layers.
3x3x11The name describes it perfectly. Two years earlier this puzzle would have deemed impossible.

3x3x11 IIThe concept of Roadblock implemented with 11 layers.
3x3x12This cuboid was created after the 3x3x14 by removing a pair of layers.
3x3x13 IA cubic 3x3x9 with four additional layers on top and bottom.

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