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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Split 1x2x5A 1x2x5 with eight additional cuts (all on one dimension) and therefore a lot more positions.
Split 2x3x3A 2x3x3 with the edges cut in half.
Split 3x3x4A 3x3x4-cuboid which pieces are split up.

Splitted 2x2x4A Masterball transformed into a fully proportional 2x2x4.
SQ224A 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it has an extra twist.
Super Crazy 3x3x5 EarthA crazy plus cube (earth variant) with extensions on two faces.

Super Truncated Curvy ChopA Curvy Chop truncated and stickered to be a super variant.
Tanners DominoAt first it looks like a pillowed 2x3x3 (aka Domino) but it is a 3x3x4 shaved down to the size of a 3x3x3.
Thai letter 2x3x3A beautiful 2x3x3-variant which shows letters and numbers from the creators native thai language.

Thai Letter RevengeA 2x3x4 with the look of a classic Domino but with Thai letters and numbers instead of Domino symbols.
The Battle DomeA simple custom 3D printed puzzle. Each edge can turn 180 degrees and scrambled with the U/D slice.
The Battle Dome PlusA 2 layered Prism where each edge can turn 90 degrees.

The elements IThere are different shapes to be made to find all the solutions. It is a 2x2x2 with several cubies glued on.
The elements IIA 2x2x4 tower cube from Seven Towns with extentions.
The X floppA floppy cube, with fisher cuts and a displaced center.

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