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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Crazy Void FloppyA combination of the Void Floppy and the Circle Floppy.
CrazyBad 4x4x5 Cuboid (center-shifted)A 4x4x6 with one layer eliminated.
Cubic 3x5x7 - Horror - Bump CuboidCubic 3x5x7 "Horror" Bump Cuboid

Cubic 3x5x7 Bump CuboidCubic 3x5x7 Bump Cuboid
Cubic 4x6x8Cubic 4x6x8 Cuboid
Cubic Anti-PrismoidA shape variant of a shape variant.

Cuboid ZockA 2x2x3 put in midturn and transformed back into the shape of a cuboid.
Cuboidal 3x3x7A cubic 3x3x7 with two slice turns and a series of extensions.
Curvy ChopThe concept of the Helichop cube applied to a Curvy Copter.

Curvy Chop PlusThe concept of the Curvy Chop applied to a Curvy Copter Plus.
DC Comics DominoHas Superman on one side and Wonder Woman on the other.
Diagonal 2x3x3A 2x3x3 combined with an additional set of turns which make it equivalent to a bandaged octagonal prism.

Diamond CuboidA Ghost 2x3x4. One out of a series of three.
Domino (medium) 2x2x3A 2x2x3 which looks like a domino with one layer removed.
Domino (USSR)Another Domino from the former soviet union with differently designed numbers.

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