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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Horizontal Super 3x3x4A mass produced 3x4x5 with two layers removed.
Hunter ZTwo 2x4x6s combined and bandaged.
I-Cube Bumpoid 2x3x3 (Extended)A 3x3x3 Bump Cube with the top two layers glued, and 3D printed extentions added to the sides.

I-Cube Bumpoid 4x5x5A 5x5x5 cube "bumped," the top two layers glued, then 3D printed extentions added to the sides.
i! cubeCombines the concept of the I-Cube with the Bump Cube.
iCube 331A Scramble Cube stickered like an iPhone.

Ideal Cube 1x1x2Another mass produced version of the most primitive twisty puzzle.
Impossible 1x5x5 CuboidA 1x3x3 with additional layer attached. The corners are held in place with magnets.
Incognito CubeThis puzzle pretends to be a 4x5x5 but turns on an off centre axis.

Johns Hopkins 1x2x5Not a mass produced puzzle but customly 3D-printed.
Junior Mental FlopA Mental Flop reduced by one layer.
Keyboard 2x3x3A 2x3x3 covered with keyboard keys instead of stickers.

Keychain 1x2x3 (8 mm cubies)The smaller cousin of the 1x2x3.
KilomoidThe completed version of Kilomoid.
King's CubeA cornerless 3x3x3 with additional pieces which gave it the look of a 3x3x5.

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