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Twisty TreeA "puzzle" looking like a tree.
Ultimate Helicopter CubeAn Ultimate Helicopter Cube. The stickers are handmade in the style used first for the Ultimate Cube.
Ultra-XThe first puzzle which implements three axis systems in one.

UltramorphixA 5x5x5 modified into a truly tetrahedral shape.
Unbandaged Helicopter Cube Plus 2x2x2Looking like a helicopter this puzzle allows many more moves.
UnscrambledA CAD-created puck with 22 segments bandaged into 11.

V7 TetrahedronThe tetrahedral variant of the 7x7x7.
Valentine's Heart CubeA 3x3x3 in shape of a heart.
Vanity CubeOskar van Deventer's head printed in 3D glued on a 2x2x2.

Vergo's CubeA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.
Vertex turning Square AntiprismAnother geometry-defying design which allows only jumbling turns.
Vertushka-2 A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotaging circles.

Vertushka-3A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotating circles.
Vinh's Octahedron (Square-1)A Square-1 transformed into the shape of an octahedron.
Void 5x5x5A void 5x5x5 with peep holes where the center corners would be.

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