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Tiny 4x4x4 (30 mm)A newly designed 4x4x4 with an edge length of 30 mm.
Tower 2A 2x2x3 with each corner split in two pieces.
TriamondA half-truncated F-Skewb

Triangular prism (edgeless)A handmade relative of the Grimace but smaller and more puristic.
TriangularCutRhombohedron (Octagonal Edges Extended A5E8200141E13)A 3x3x3 truncated on 9 edges and then extended. The shape consists of 3 rhombi and 5 trapezoids.
Triaugmented hexagonA UFO combined with a 3-armed Tricky Disky.

Trigonal Trapezohedron (Octagonal Edges Extended E8A00145C00)A 3x3x3 truncated on 6 edges and extended on the remaining sides. The new shape is a trigonal trapezohedron.
Truncated Halpern-Meier TetrahedronA build-up shape transformation of a Pyraminx.
Truncated PyramorphinxA Pyramorphinx truncated on its four corners.

Truncated Siamese Mirror BlocksTwo Bump Cubes were fused to a siamese puzzle and afterwards truncated.
Truncated Skewb KiteA Rhombic Dodecahedron Skewb (aka skewb kite) truncated into the shape of a chamfered cube.
Truncated Trajbers Octahedron 4x4x4A 4x4x4 Trajbers Octahedron truncated on its tips.

Tully's CoffeeA 2x2x3 made as advertisement for coffee.
Twin StarsA pair of Siamese 3x3x3's truncated on the not-combined edges.
Twist & SlideA 2x2x2 combined with a moving hole (aka sliding piece) puzzle.

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