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IcosaixA face turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.
IcosamateA Pentultimate in shape of an icosahedron. A deepcut corner turning icosahedron.
Icosidodecahedron 3x3x3A 3x3x3 truncated into the shape of a dodecahedron and subsequently truncated into the namegiving solid.

Icosidodecahedron Square-1Extensions were designed to give a Square-1 the shape of the icosidodecahedron which is an archimedean solid.
Identical Circles (Sharp Edges 201100220100)A 3x3x3 truncated on six edges and afterwards extended. Unlike the Sharp Edges Rhombohedron one circle was reoriented.
Identity CrisisA megaminx-like puzzle transformed into the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron. It uses spherical cuts.

Illegal CubeA pentagonal prism which ignores geometric rules.
Incomplete antiprism (Sharp Edges 201080420100)A 3x3x3 truncated on six edges and extended on remaining sides eventually resembling an antiprism.
Instant Insanity IIAn upgraded version of "Instant Insanity" with a new challenge.

Ironman Canada PuzzleA 2x3x3 shaped like a maple leaf.
Jade CubeA special 3x3x3 which comes with becoming a member of Uwe Mefferts Jade Club.
Jade PyraminxSpecial edition of Jings Pyraminx for Meffert's Jade Club members.

Juicy CoutureA 3x3x3 covered with rhinestones.
JumblixA puzzle with the axis system of a face turning pentagonal dipyramid. Ten of 12 possible moves only jumbling.
Junior Hexagonal PrismA 2x2x2 transformed into a hexagonal prism.

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