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Apple 1x2x2A kind of extensions puzzle which is simple to solve but difficult to keep in ones collection. May be the first puzzle with an eat-by date.
Arbuz CubeA 3x3x3 with stickers depicting a watermelon.
ArgoA puzzle which is based on the sixth dimensional symmetry of the 6-Simplex.

ArlecubeA 3x3x3 with one additional deep cut edge turn.
Arrow PlanetA fudged puzzles which combines the moves of a bandaged 3x3x3 and a sliding piece puzzle.
Arrow Planet BaseA 3x3x3 in shape of an asymmetric cut sphere. It was made specifically to illustrate the Arrow Planet.

AstrominxAn icosahedral Starminx.
Axis Barrel CubeAn Axis Cube truncated into cylindrical shape.
Axis DominoAn "axised" 2x3x3.

Axis IllusionA cleverly restickered Axis Cube.
Axis Rhombic DodecahedronAn Axis Cube truncated into a rhombic dodecahedron.
Axis cubic 3x3x5An "axised" version of the cubic 3x3x5.

Axis modAnother 3x3x3 rotated inside its solid.
BBBA bumped cylindrical 3x3x3
Baby CubeA custom plush 2x2x2 cube.

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