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Moving: Tiles
Magic Disc (aka Brain Teaser) IIFour intersecting circles with a different cutting depth.
Magical GearsA puzzle with two intersecting circles. Produced in low quantity in four different variants.
MandorlaTwo circles with 120 moves.

Marbleous CirclesA reimplemented Whirligig-9 but solved by shape instead of colours.
Master RamkaCustom made bigger version of ????? with 4x4 pieces instead of three.
Master TRIvial circlesA custom redesigned version of the Puzzler with an unseen colour scheme.

MatrioshkaThree intersecting circles with one embedded in another.
Matrioshka 2Two intersecting circles with three possible turns.
Melting MysteryThe pieces of Snow Mystery split in two. A shape changing variant of Tricky Disky with six arms.

MimosaTwo intersecting circles that return with steps of 2 and 5 with very deep intersectins beyond the centres of the circles.
Mind Maze (aka Mind Trapper)This Tricky Disky-like puzzle has four wings and eight colours.
Mini GeraniumA smaller version of Geranium with two circles.

MintakaTwo circles intersecting in a doctrinaire fashion with four steps each and with vastly different radii.
MiraThree intersecting circles, two are 5-fold, one is 2-fold.
Mixbox - Italia '90Appears to be related to Rubik's XV.

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