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Moving: Tiles
Elemental(Chromium)The holy grail of the Elemental-series.
Elemental(Fluorine)A very close relative to the Elemental(Neon) from the same inventor.
Elemental(Neon)The first element in a whole series of puzzles working with plunger under- and overlapping each other.

Elemental(Scandium)An Elemental(Fluorine) enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding twelve triangles.
Elemental(Sulfur)An Elemental(Neon) enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding six triangles.
EliacTwo intersecting circles similar to the Lotica.

Equator (aka I.Q. Ball)Hollow blue "corners" with letter, number and symbol tiles.
Equator (caved in red sphere)Another variant of the Equator-puzzle. This one is based on a different patent.
Equator (green with numbers)Green with numbered tiles.

Equator (letters and smilies)There are at least three differently coloured bodies.
Equator (with slot machine symbols)A mix between a sliding tile and a twisty puzzle, since an hemisphere rotates. In different body colours.
Equator puzzleA clever, metal, tile-sliding puzzle.

Euclidean 2Two circles with 90�-turns in an immensely complex puzzle.
Euclidean 3Three circles with 90-turns in an immensely complex puzzle.
Face of InfinityA circle puzzle with six hexagonally arranged axes of rotation.

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