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Moving: Tiles
Swissmad12 tiles in red and white make up a scross in a red body. No sursprise that this puzzles comes from Switzerland.
TRIvial circlesA 2D puzzle with two overlapping circles that share one of their 3 leaves.
Takenoscope 23A Rotascope implemented completely different.

TaygetaThree intersecting circles with one 8-fold rotation and two non-infinite fivefold rotation.
TetrakiumFour circles intersecting each other like the Rashkey.
Three Moons (Triple Lotica)Four circles forming a puzzle that works like a larger version of Lotica.

TolimanThree intersecting circles that are differently sized and allow different rotations.
Tower of the WindsFour samples with two intersecting circles each on four sides of a cuboid. The novelty is one fourfold rotation that allows to exchange whole circles.
TranspaThree layers of transparent pieces that can be pushed on top or below each other. The goal is to create a specific pattern.

Tri-TrickNine pieces with the digits 1-9 on them are moved with two intersecting plungers.
TriangleroundA custom built puzzle created in plastic with coloured paper glued on. The tiles are shaped to make the puzzle equivalent to the Rotascope.
Tricky DiskyThis version has four wings and eight colours.

Tricky Disky (3 wings, 2 colours)This version has three wings and two colours.
Tricky Disky (3 wings, 3 colours)This version has three wings and three colours.
Tricky Disky (3 wings, 6 colours)This version has three wings and six colours. A version with pink body exists too.

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