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Moving: Tiles
Face of Infinity 7th CircleA variant of the "Face of Infinity" puzzle, where the center can turn.
Face of Infinity 7th Circle UnbandagedA partially unbandaged version of the previous Face of Infinity 7th Circle puzzle.
Face of Infinity UnbandagedAn unbandaged version of The Face of Infinity.

Farmland GearA puzzle with intersecting circles. Compared with similar circles this puzzle has additional gears inside the big square-like pieces.
Firebolt pillA cylinder with 4*8 tiles which can be moved in two completely different ways.
Five by FiveA custom made larger version of Tsukuda Square

Flip-SideTen tiles, one rotatable plane and two additional plungers.
ForamenCombines two intersecting circles with one plunger.
FormalhautTwo circles with different degree of rotation in a puzzle that is still doctrinaire.

Four by Four (spanish)Alternative version of the hard Tsukuda Square, made for the spanish market.
Four by four - AnimalsAlternative versions of Tsukuda square with a several animals instead of coloured or numbered pieces.
Fractal TwistFour intersecting circles with growing diameter. Turns of 180 are possible at any time.

GacruxTwo intersecting circles with eightfold turns but not in steps of 45. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Gamma (aka Colour Spectre)A soviet produced cousin of the Gripple. It comes with several differently coloured bodies.
Gear 2x2x3A 2x2x3 with the turns on the long axis connected by gears.

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