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Intersecting circles
Crazy LoticaA reimplemented Lotica with an additional inner circle.
Crazy puzzlerFour intersecting circles, two are 6-fold and two are 3-fold.
Crazy RodiumThe Puzzler with two concentric circles per half.

Crazy Rodium 3The Crazy Rodium with three circles instead of two.
Crazy Super LooperThree circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with deeper intersections. Plus four additional inner circles.
Crazy TrioFour intersecting circles with a bunch of cuts.

Dancing GearsA puzzle with two intersecting circles. Produced in low quantity in four different variants.
Dihexium keychainTwo intersecting circles rotatable by 120� in a minimalistic design.
Double Circle PuzzleFour circles with one tile in the intersection. Every turn rotates two circles at once.

Double FiveThe Vertushka reimplemented with a more traditional mechanism.
Double LooperThree circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with shallow intersections. Plus three additional inner circles almost of the same size as the outer circles.
Double LoticaA custom made Lotica enhanced by an additional circle.

Double WeirdTwo samples of Weird Disk 6x6 glued by design onto each other.
DuplexAn intersecting circle puzzle, but with a twist!
Duplex 2Two intersecting circles of which one can be twisted.

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