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Intersecting circles
GeraniumFive intersecting circles cut with 5-fold symmetry imposing unprecedented theoretical challenges.
Geranium ButterflyA version of Geranium with six circles in a line-like pattern similar to the olympic rings.
Geranium EclipseA Pocket Geranium with an additional circle.

Geranium VA cousin to the original Geranium.
Geranium WA bigger version of Geranium with twentyone circles in a flower-like pattern.
Gizmo GearsA puzzle with two intersecting circles and bandaged pieces. Produced in low quantity in four different variants.

HadarThree intersecting circles that return with steps of 2, 5 and 6 but still being doctrinaire.
Handy Mad TriadTwist the fingertips to rotate the four overlapping discs of wedges.
Hex ShaperThree intersecting circles which do NOT make up a planar surface.

HexicleA custom made variant of Kvadratura kruga with seven circles turned in steps of 60.
Hyper LooperThree circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with very deep intersections.
Irregular Puzzler 1.0Two intersecting circles with irregular angles between steps.

Irregular Puzzler 2.0Two intersecting circles with irregular angles between steps.
Japanese Puzzle AvengerA japanese derivate of the Puzzle Avenger.
Jumble CloudA 2D-jumbling puzzle to make many others obsolete.

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