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Intersecting circles
MatrioshkaThree intersecting circles with one embedded in another.
Matrioshka 2Two intersecting circles with three possible turns.
MimosaTwo intersecting circles that return with steps of 2 and 5 with very deep intersectins beyond the centres of the circles.

Mini GeraniumA smaller version of Geranium with two circles.
MintakaTwo circles intersecting in a doctrinaire fashion with four steps each and with vastly different radii.
MiraThree intersecting circles, two are 5-fold, one is 2-fold.

MizarFour circles of which two could form a doctrinaire puzzle despite a fivefold rotation.
MoonshineA two-dimensional, deeper-than-origin, shallower-than-corner doctrinaire twisty puzzle. Or two intersecting circles with 2-fold or 5-fold rotation.
NEONA bandaging circle puzzle, similar in concept to "Battle Gears".

Number swingTwo circles with 10 segments connected by two circles which can transfer pieces between the big ones.
OlimpicA custom built puzzle with an Olympic Rings theme.
Olympic GeraniumA version of Geranium with five circles in a pattern similar to the olympic rings.

Olympic Rings (circles)Five intersecting circles with a puzzle theme based on the Olympic Rings.
OrionA puzzle with 25 circles and 60 pieces.
Orion (Mako)Six intersecting circles rotatable in steps of 120

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