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Intersecting circles
Twin RingsTwo circles rotating in steps of 90 with an intersection smaller than the radius of the circles.
Twin Spin (aka Turn Stile)Two overlapping wheels. Promotional version for The Museum Company.
VertushkaA puzzle with intersecting circles. To connect the parts together, an elastic band is used.

Vertushka-2 A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotaging circles.
Vertushka-3A handmade 2D-puzzle with rotating circles.
VitrailTwo circles can rotate in multiples of 30. A jumbling puzzle.

Weird Disk 235Three intersecting circles different sizes with different step length. The simplest possible puzzle of this kind.
Weird Disk 2x-6One circle rotating by 60� and six circles rotating by 180�. A deeper-than-origin circle puzzle.
Weird Disk 4x12Two intersecting circles of different sizes with one allowing steps of 30�.

Weird Disk 5x7A puzzle designed to stay in the middle between Weird Disk 4x12 and Weird Disk 6x6.
Weird Disk 6x6Two intersecting circles which rotate by steps of 60.
Whirligig Plate 5 CirclesThe version with five circles.

Whirligig Plate 9 CirclesNine circles version. Apart from the basic solution, there are other patterns that can be made with the colours.

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