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Bandaged Quad
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Four intersecting circles rotated with the help of plungers restricted in their movement.

After making several puzzles with intersecting plungers the inventor moved to puzzles with intersecting circles but couldn't stay away from plungers. Here he introduced them in a rotating form. Compared with other intersecting-cirlces-puzzles this one behaves heavily bandaged and therefore shares a property with the intersecting-plunger-puzzle where the plungers often have to moved back even to further scramble the puzzle.
It share some similarity to the Lotica although it is less and more bandaged compared with its cousin at the same time:
The Lotica further bandages the puzzle by connecting the central square piece to an adjacent triangle forming a longer piece that looks like the Pope's hat. It also bandages the other triangles to either side of one end of what would be a diamond, creating a fan shape.
Here the circles are spaced in such a way that their circumferences do not intersect the adjacent circles' center points. The inventor had to do this because he could not add a tab to the outside of these pivot pieces as a full 90 degree rotation would cause the tab to intersect an adjacent pivot piece. By separating the circles "just enough" the inventor was able to create enough room to extend keyed shafts up from the center point of each pivot piece through four holes in the clear cover on which to adhere turning levers. The wider spacing of the circles also changes the cut pattern by widening what would be a diamond shape into a kind of squashed hexagon.
Size: 152 mm
Weight: 280 grams



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