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The first mass produced 6x6x6. A six layered cube.

This is the first 6 layered cube of the V-CUBE series. Meet the challenge to solve this unique existent V-CUBE 6. It requires attention, strong effort and serious strategic thinking but it will give you back constant joy & satisfaction!
The V-CUBE 6 attended the design competition during IPP25 in 2005. Back then it was named "Olympic Cube No6a".
V-CUBE 6 consists of 218 smaller pieces and the solid-cross that supports them, so that they can rotate independently on based axis.
The possible number of permutations ofthe V-CUBE 6 is ≈1.57*10^116 !!
First is was sold in a package which resembles the old packages from Ideal (images 3-4). Later the company changed to the packages shown in images 5-6.

Edge length: 69 mm
Weight: 316 grams



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