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Here is my current collection it's relatively small compared to Georges xD


Rubik's Cube (OddzOn) Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's


Master Cube Meffert's 1999 version.
Rubik's Revenge (ITC) Follow up to the Rubik's cube, as shown by its name. Produced in 1982 and 1983 by Ideal Toy Corporation in Korea, Macau and Hong Kong.


V-Cube 5 Five layered cube

6X6X6 & UP

V-CUBE 6 The first mass produced 6x6x6. A six layered cube.
V-CUBE 7 The first 7x7x7. A seven layered cube.


1x3x3 Years before the Floppy Cube bandaging a 3x3x3 was the best way to create this easy puzzle, perfect for newcomers.
Skewb The deepcut corner turning cube.


Fisher's Golden Cube All the stickers on this 78 mm modified Skewb are the same reflective golden colour. There is only one solution.
Get back to Square-1 An american based version of the Square-1. It distinguishes itself from the other variants because it was sold in scrambled state.
Super Square-1 A new challenge to the Square-1 / Cube 21.


Phantom Cube A fully functional 3x3x4 by Katsuhiko Okamoto.


Magic Octahedron (P.G. Continental) The P.G. Continental version.
Okki (a.k.a. Gem) (a.k.a. Pyradiamond) A 2x2x2 in octahedral form.
Skewb Diamond Meffert's build-up and truncation of a Skewb into an octahedron.


Star Trap A jumbling only puzzle which fills a missing slot in the series of face turning tetragonal trapezohedrons between the Crystal Trap and the jumble Trap.
Tetraminx The official Meffert Tetraminx.


Megaminx (1999) This is a newer version of the Megaminx, published by Meffert, with tiles and 12 distinct colours.
Skewb Ultimate A dodecahedron build up from a Skewb.


Mastermorphix A higher-order Pyramorphix. A 3x3x3 transformed into the shape of a tetrahedron.
Pyraminx (rounded corners) The black 1981 Meffert version.
Pyramorphix A 2x2x2 in shape of a tetrahedron.

Tetrahedron (Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron) Another custom Skewb mod by Tony Fisher with a complicated history.


Rainbow Cube - 14 Colour Version of the Rainbow Cube with fourteen colours.


Black & Yellow Puck (aka Radioactive) This version has alternating black and yellow wedges, and a smilie face on the center of the opposite side.


Impossiball (aka Incrediball) A unique dodecahedral puzzle.


Bump Cheese A bumped variant of the Cheese-puzzle. A six segment prism with one layer.


Starburst (aka Star of David) This fun custom built puzzle is based on a Pyramorphix / 2x2x2 mechanism.


Rubik's UFO An attractive little puzzle, possibly related to the legendary Rubik's Cheeze.


Ivory Tower (aka Tower of Babylon) One of the more successful puzzles from the original cube craze.
Missing Link The tile sliding puzzle from the original cube craze.
Whip-It 4x6 (keychain can) This 4x6, 60 mm Whip-It is designed to look like a drink can.


Chromosix Colour Ball (aka Cromoball, Mystic I.Q. Ball) This version has no markings. Simply solve by colour.
Net Block UFO Rotate the top/bottom half, then spin each half of a sphere to scramble the puzzle.


Rubik's Magic (OddzOn) The 1997 red OddzOn version.
Rubik's Master Magic The 12 panel, five ring Magic by Matchbox.
Rubik's Snake The original version produced by Politoys.


Enigma - City of Weston A promotional item for the City of Weston.

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