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Moving: Tiles
GrippleAn uncommon puzzle produced in Hong Kong.
GrizziA sticker variant of the Gripple. Made to make the puzzle more difficult.
Handy Mad TriadTwist the fingertips to rotate the four overlapping discs of wedges.

Hex ShaperThree intersecting circles which do NOT make up a planar surface.
Hex-Tri Slider (Version A)A sliding block puzzle with a mixture of moveable hexagons and triangles.
Hex-Tri Slider (Version B)A sliding block puzzle with a mix of moveable hexagons and triangles. Compared with the first version the plungers have different offsets to each other.

HexicleA custom made variant of Kvadratura kruga with seven circles turned in steps of 60°.
Hog Wild Double Think Binary RingTwist, slide and rotate puzzle pieces.
HorVer-PuzzleFour pairwise intersecting plungers with sixteen pieces.

Hungarian GlobeSliding-tile puzzle without gaps. Made in Hungary, originally.
Irregular Puzzler 1.0Two intersecting circles with irregular angles between steps.
itSimilar to Tsukuda's Square. Marketed in Britain.

ItaliaTwo rotating circles and one plunger make up the italian flag.
Japanese Puzzle AvengerA japanese derivate of the Puzzle Avenger.
Juegos De BolsilloGeyper version of Rack 'Em Up.

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