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Moving: Tiles
Loopy TwistA toroidal twisty puzzle in the vain of Tricky Disky with just one type of piece.
LoticaThe original Lotica without images on the pieces.
Lucky CloverEight plungers are used to move up to sixteen pieces. Three possible configurations.

Mad TriadTen overlapping wheels. Each with six segments.
Magic DigitFour intersecting circles with just seven pieces visible out of twelve pieces in total, with an additional flipping mechanism for the pieces.
Magic Disc24 colored half-cylinders in 2 layers, 6 columns, and 2 rings.

Magic Disc (aka Brain Teaser)Four intersecting circles
Magic Disc (aka Brain Teaser) IIFour intersecting circles with a different cutting depth.
Magical GearsA puzzle with two intersecting circles. Produced in low quantity in four different variants.

MandorlaTwo circles with 120 moves.
Marbleous CirclesA reimplemented Whirligig-9 but solved by shape instead of colours.
Master RamkaCustom made bigger version of ????? with 4x4 pieces instead of three.

Master TRIvial circlesA custom redesigned version of the Puzzler with an unseen colour scheme.
MatrioshkaThree intersecting circles with one embedded in another.
Matrioshka 2Two intersecting circles with three possible turns.

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