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Moving: Tiles
Duplex 2Two intersecting circles of which one can be twisted.
EightTwo intersecting circles similar to the Lotica but of different size.
Elemental:AluminiumA heart-shaped variant of Elemental:Fluorine with four additional pieces.

Elemental:ArgonAn enhanced version of Elemental:Beryllium-10
Elemental:Beryllium-10The third member of the series of Elementals. This time there are 4 plungers of which 2 are side by side.
Elemental:ChromiumThe holy grail of the Elemental-series.

Elemental:FluorineA very close relative to the Elemental:Neon from the same inventor.
Elemental:NeonThe first element in a whole series of puzzles working with plunger under- and overlapping each other.
Elemental:ScandiumAn Elemental:Fluorine enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding twelve triangles.

Elemental:SulfurAn Elemental:Neon enhanced but splitting the plunger and thereby adding six triangles.
EliacTwo intersecting circles similar to the Lotica.
Equator (aka: I.Q. Ball)Hollow blue "corners" with letter, number and symbol tiles.

Equator (caved in red sphere)Another variant of the Equator-puzzle. This one is based on a different patent.
Equator (green with numbers)Green with numbered tiles.
Equator (green with symbols)Green with symbol tiles. A mix between a sliding tile and a twisty puzzle, since an hemisphere rotates.

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