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Moving: Tiles
Dihexium keychainTwo intersecting circles rotatable by 120 in a minimalistic design.
DiogenesThree layers, ten segments and an unusual mechanism.
Disk PuzzleSimilar to other tricky disky puzzles with 6 coloured half-cylinders in 2 layers, 6 columns.

Dots (Crossover)A rebuilt Crossover puzzle with a custom scheme on the tiles.
Double Circle PuzzleFour circles with one tile in the intersection. Every turn rotates two circles at once.
Double CrossOne plunger and two rotations used to move ten pieces.

Double Cross PlusOne plunger and two rotations combined with intersecting pieces.
Double DiskA puzzle with four rotating intersecting circles.
Double FiveThe Vertushka reimplemented with a more traditional mechanism.

Double LoticaA custom made Lotica enhanced by an additional circle.
Double Trouble (sliding)16 tiles moved by three plungers.
Double WeirdTwo samples of Weird Disk 6x6 glued by design onto each other.

Dual CircleDual Circle - surprisingly enough is two interlocking circles - pieces move when the circles are turned.
Dual716 tiles moved by two plungers. A custom made puzzle similar to Tri-Trick.
DuplexAn intersecting circle puzzle, but with a twist!

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