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Moving: Tiles
Side ViewMechanically this is a simple puzzle with four intersecting circles. Innovative is the fact that one can only see the side of the pieces which is still enough to solve it.
SiriusTwo intersecting circles with 147 pieces, named after the brightest binary star system on the sky.
Slice RuleThree plungers and one circle intersect and make 15 pieces move around.

Slide 11 DiskOne plunger and one rotation (with an odd number of pieces) used to move thirteen pieces.
Slide Rule DuelA puzzle with two or three circles and a plunger which can exchange pieces between the circles.
Sliderblox 2Four plungers in two sets intersect orthogonally.

Smart AlexWas sold with black and white body
Snow MysteryA mass produced derivate of Tricky Disky. This is a very easy one because each column consists of only 2 pieces.
Soccer GlobeAn hungarian globe resembling a soccer ball.

Soviet GlobeA derivate of the Hungarian Globe, but produced in the soviet union.
Sphere XYZTwo intersecting tracks of tiles bisected by a single twistable slice.
Suhail 5Two intersecting circles with steps of 72 and 60 and different radii.

Suhail 6Two intersecting circles with steps of 60 each but with different radii.
SuncrossOne plunger and one rotating circle. A custom made puzzle.
Super GeraniumThe enhanced version of Geranium with five additional circles.

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