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13 sided polyhedronA skewb extended with plastic sheets and thereby transformed into a highly irregular polyhedron but still a convex one.
3D Challenge Puzzleball KeychainComplete the four coloured circles.

3D Creative PuzzleballProduced with white an black body.
3D-Skewb cubeA mass produced piece shuffle. The pieces of a skewb and a skewb ultimate were exchanged.
5-Compound Octahedron SkewbA skewb in the shape of the namegiving solid.

5-Compound TetraA skewb in shape of a star known as "Compound of five tetrahedra".
Aleh's PyramidFour Skewb Diamonds truncated and glued together.
All Gold Golden CubeThe Golden Cube without stickers but with uniformly colored pieces. Came with a variety of colors.

Almost Antiprism - Extended UltimateSkewb F800501E003C00000207040E02801FAn Ultimate Skewb where some face were "deleted" by gluing some extensions on them.
Andy Bear Skewb BallPurple skewb ball with Andy Bear.
Animals Skewb BallHas a rhinoceros on one side and dinosaur on the other.

Apollo's Rhombic DodecahedronA Golden Cube truncated and extended into a rhombic dodecahedron.
Apollo's TetrahedronA Golde Cube transformed into a tetrahedron.
Bandaged Skewb IThe complete set of bandaged skewbs which blocks consist of only one bond.

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