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17x17x17Also known as "Over the top". A puzzle made just because it is possible.
1x1x4A stupid cuboid built just for the sake of completeness.
1x1x5A stupid cuboid built just for the sake of completeness.

1x2x3 BabyfaceThe babyface variant of the 1x2x3
1x2x3 CylinderA 1x2x3 in shape of a cylinder.
1x2x3 Square-1A prismatic puzzle in cuboidal shape.

1x2x9Another case of twistypuzzle extremism. A proof-of-concept how far a mechanism can be driven.
1x3x4The first fully functional 1x3x4-cuboid.
1x3x5The first 1x3x5 somewhat looking like cuboid.

1x3x5 BarrelThe first fuly functional 1x3x5. In shape of a barrel.
1x4x4Also known as Master Floppy or Floppy Revenge.
1x5x5Another cuboid which would have been impossible without "olzing".

2/3 Bump CubeThe concept of the Bump Cube applied on a 2x3x3.
24 OctahedronThe deepcut edge-turning octahedron. Made as shape transformation from the hexahedral puzzle.
2x2x12A straight forwardly designed cuboid of ridiculous dimensions.

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