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Marusenko SphereA spherical cousin of the Junior Cross cube. It comes with a wide variety of color schemes.
Master BarrelThe bigger brother of the "Pyraminx Magic Barrel"
Master Curvy CopterA two-layer, curvy, dual-jumbling, edge turning cube.

Master DodecahedronA Masterball in shape of a dodecahedron.
Master GrimaceA higher cousin of the grimace puzzle.
Master Hexagonal prismA 4x4x4 in the shape of a hexagonal prism.

Master Hexagonal prism IIThe second hexagonal prism made from a 4x4x4. Wider than the first two.
Master Hexis CubeThe concept of the Hexis Cube applied on a 4x4x4
Master IcosahedronA Masterball in shape of an icosahedron.

Master KilominxA face turning dodecahedron with only 4 pieces along one edge.
Master Pentagonal PrismA two-layered pentagonal prism.
Master PentultimateA face turning dodecahedron with two non-fused cuts per axes. The pieces of the Pentultimate are present but two others are too.

Master Windmill CubeA 4x4x4 twisted inside of its solid. It resembles one of Katzuhiko Okamoto's most popular creations.
MegaHPA Megaminx transformed into the shape of hexagonal prism.
MegaRDA Megaminx transformed into the shape of rhombic dodecahedron though on three faces the puzzle still looks like the original megaminx.

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