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Above:Unstickered - In midturn
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Also known as "Over the top". A puzzle made just because it is possible.

The biggest NxNxN which had been available for many years was the 5x5x5. After Verdes presented his 6x6x6 and the patent for cubes up to 11x11x11 a new border was set. After a 12x12x12 was custom made and presented on the forum, Oskar van Deventer took up the challenge to design an even bigger Cube: The 17x17x17. To achieve this he created a mechanism he calls "Floating Anchors". The first design would have costed 3000 USD if purchased through Shapeways so nobody expected that this puzzle would ever be realised. At this point Claus Wenicker stepped in an offered to sponsor one prototype. In the end there were four prototypes until the finished puzzle could be presented. Sorting the pieces alone took Claus 5 hours and this was only because Oskar added small number to every pieces to make them easily distinguishable.
This monstrosity has an edge length of 140mm and weighs 1230 grams, and has been acknowledged as a Guinness World Record for being the Highest Order Rubik's Cube.



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