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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Fractal CubeA twisty puzzle that is self-similar.
Fully Functional Fused 2x3x3A Siamese 2x3x3 which allows additional unexpected moves.
Fully functional Siamese 2x2x2The first Siamese puzzle that can intermingle pieces between the parts.

Fully functional Siamese 3x3x3Looks like the first handmade modification ever but is a completely new puzzle. A pair of Siamese Cubes which allow to exchange pieces between the halves.
Fused 3x4A Fused 3x3x3 and a Fused 4x4x4 in one puzzle.

Fused 4x4x4This is a fused 4x4x4 made from two Revenge cubes.
Fused 5+7A 5x5x5 and a 7x7x7 fused into the same puzzle.
Fused 5x5x5 CubeTwo 5x5's fused together

Fused 6x6x6Two 6x6x6's fused into one puzzle. They share a common 3x3x3-block.
Fused CubesTwo 3x3x3's fused together to share a block of dimensions 2x2x2.
Fused Cubes 2A 2x2x2 and a 3x3x3 fused together.

Fused Enclosed CubeTwo 3x3x3s (shaped like the enclosed cube) fused into one puzzle.
Fused FTOsTwo face turning octahedrons fused so deeply at their corners that only four sides can be turned.
Fused Keychain CubeA standard Rubik's Cube with a standard Key Chain Rubik's Cube for a corner!

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