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Other N-Sided: Seven
Slim GigaminxA pentagonal prism with a single layer.
Slim TeraminxThe pentagonal cousin of the 1x7x7.
Splintered PrismA one-layered prism with stored cuts that can be used only after 90°-turns.

Split Pentagonal DominoA two layered pentagonal prism with additional cuts to allow quarter turns.
Super Floppy MegaminxThe concept of the Super Floppy transferred into a pentagonal version.
Super Truncated 7x7x7The heavy truncation of the Mystruncated cube applied to a 7x7x7

The Hitchhiker's CubeA cheese type puzzle with five segments and two layers.
Tipi 1An elongated version of Jürgen Brandt's Lighthouse cube.
Tipi 2A prism with three layers in shape of a hexagonal pyramid.

Tipi 3The Star Prism transformed into the shape of a hexagonal pyramid.
Tri-Axis Copter PlusA Curvy Copter Plus reduced to three axes.
TrientalisA doctrinaire puzzle with two axis with threefold rotation and heptagonal pieces.

Void Pentagonal PrismThe first working pentagonal prism seemingly without faces and a core.
Wigwam SkewbA skewb in a shape resembling the namegiving tent.

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