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Other N-Sided: Seven
House Cube 1 (OctagonalEdges 294 Extended)A 3x3x3 truncated on 2 edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape resembling a house.
Illegal CubeA pentagonal prism which ignores geometric rules.
Jumble StarCorner turning pentonal prism. A jumbling-only puzzle.

Master Pentagonal PrismA two-layered pentagonal prism.
Master Pentet PuzzleA not so simple pentagonal prism with two layers and two cuts per lateral axes.
Master PrisminxA pentagonal prism with two cuts per axis. The depth of the cuts is different compared with the professor pentagonal prism.

Master Star PrismA pentagonal prism with four layers and a 4x4-pattern on each square.
Micro PrisminxThe author of the Prisminx Crystal recreates his own puzzle to make it more affordable.
Mini Dino Pent PrismA smaller and more minimalistic version of Rex Pent Prism.

Mirror Pentagonal PrismA bumped version of the pentagonal prism with three layers.
OctoidThree axes with 180 turns each in a doctrinaire puzzle.
OctoPentThe cousin of the OctoCube with the shape and the axis system of a pentagonal prism.

Penrose moidLooks like a megamoid but with twelve working sides and a different shape.
Penta AxisA 3x3x3 in shape of a pentagonal prism. No cut of the original puzzle is parallel to one of the solids faces.
Penta BlockA skewb in shape of a pentagonal prism. Inspired by the Mental Block.

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