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Other N-Sided: Seven
Pentagonal Prism 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in shape of a pentagonal prism.
PentaMixA decagonal prism bandaged and reshaped into a pentagonal one.
PentastickThe first doctrinaire puzzle where all axes don't meet in a single point but in two different ones.

Pentet PuzzleThe most simple pentagonal prism with two layers.
PentexAn edge turning pentagonal prism. A jumbling-only puzzle.
Prisma Pentagonal 3x3x3 Tipo Dragon (Pripe Dragon 3)A 3x3x3 in shape of a pentagonal prism. With skewed axis system.

Prisminx CrystalA 3 layered deepcut pentagonal prism which top and bottom faces look like the Pyraminx Crystal its name was taken from.
PrismultimateA Pentultimate in shape of a pentagonal prism
Professor Pentagonal PrismThis is a face turning 5x5x5 pentagonal prism. The sides must be turned 180 degrees.

Professor StarPrismA pentagonal prism with five layers and a 5x5-pattern on each square.
Rex FlowerA corner turning pentagonal prism with cuts one the square faces resembling a Rex Cube.
Rex Pent PrismCorner turning pentagonal prism. A jumbling only puzzle.

SevenSided Oddity (OctagonalEdges Extended 21E8800144087)A 3x3x3 truncated on 7 edges and afterwards extended. The result has a shape hard to describe.
Sharp Corners 40000040010 ExtendedA 3x3x3 half-regularly truncated on 3 corners and afterwards extended. It implements a symmetry rarely seen before.
Slice PentagonA pentagonal layer with two layers reduced to two pieces per edge.

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