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Other N-Sided: Seven
Flat StarpadThe flat or coreless verson of starpad.
Floppy KilominxA Floppy Cube in shape of a pentagon. Just five pieces.
Floppy PetaminxThe pentagonal cousin of the 1x9x9

Floppy prismThe pentagonal cousin of the Floppy Cube.
Floppy Pyraminx CrystalA floppy puzzle which looks like a Pyraminx Crystal
Fractured PrismThe Fracture-10 puzzle in shape of a pentagonal prism.

Fractured Prism PlusA pentagonal prism that allows some 90 turns on the five sides.
Galaxy CubeA 2x3x3 somewhere between the original shape and a Fisher variant.
Ghost pentagonal prismA 3x3x3 in the shape of a pentagonal prism and ghosted afterwards.

Half-DinoidA Dino Cube with one corner truncated down. Inspired by the Megamoid.
HalfcopterA Helicopter Cube cut down to only three remaining axes.
Halfcut CubeA Rubiks Cube with one edge truncated and two sets of pieces glued on.

Helicopter Pent PrismA shape variant of the Rex Pent Prism.
HeptaminxA megaminx in shape of a pentagonal prism. Showing pentagrams on the top and bottom sides.
Hexagonal PuckamidA truncated and extended puck.

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