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Other Shapes: Cylinder
Pentacle PuzzleA pentagonal floppy cube in the form of a pentacle.
Pyraminx Magic Barrel (Junior)Junior edition. This prototype was never put into production.
Pyraminx Magic Barrel (Senior)A reduced cylindrical triangular prism. It was realised 26 years after its announcement.

Réseau arc en cielA mug advertising for tires in french language.
ReactorAn Ufo meets a two layered Square-1.
Rex BarrelA Rex Cube in shape of a cylinder.

Rex PuckAn axised Rex Barrel. A Rex Cube in shape of a cylinder but the axis system was twisted inside the solid.
Rota - 4 ColorA cylindrical 2x2x2 dating back to the 1980s.
Rota - all silverThe all-silver-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota".

Rota - all whiteThe all-white-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota".
Rota - Black/WhiteThe black/white-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota"
Rota - Gold/BlueThe Gold/Blue-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota"

Round Fish DominoPieces of a rhombiminx used to create a 2x2x2 with four additional layers. Afterwards truncated into a cylindrical shape.
Rubik's Cheese - Rubik's Sajt Logikai JatekA very rare collectors item from the eighties. One of the puzzles invented by Ernö Rubik himself.
Senior BarrelA Pyraminx Magic Barrel with an additional set of cuts and enhanced twisting capabilities.

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