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Other Shapes: Cylinder
C-18A five-layered variant of the C-10 puzzle. This is a cylindric Square-0.5 puzzle. Unlike C-10 it has five layers and does not behave bandaged.
C-urv-YLINDERA Curvy Copter truncated into a cylindrical shape.
Canadian BarrelA variant of Rubik's Cheese 3D-printed for IPP 35 in 2015.

CheeseAnthony Greenhill's 2-layered Cheese created from a UFO mechanism.
Column MegaminxA megaminx in shape of a cylinder.
Concave barrel cubeThis is a barrel with a concave shape in the laterals.

Crazy 4x4x4 BarrelA Crazy 4x4x4 truncated into the shape of a barrel.
Crazy Yileng Ghost BarrelA MoYU Crazy Fisher turned into a Ghost Cube and then turned into a Barrel. All pieces have a mirrored version that’s it’s exactly the inverse.
Cylinder 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in shape of a cylinder.

Cylinder 3x3x3A hexagonal prism 3x3x3 truncated down into cylindrical shape.
Cylinder CubeA 3x3x3 in cylindrical shape.
Cylinder SkewbA skewb transformed into cylindrical shape.

Cylinder-1A Square-1 truncated into cylindrical shape.
Dino CylinderA Dino Cube in cylindral shape with bright black plastic and very reduced stickers.
Dollar Tree 3x3x3 cylinderA mass produced cylindrical 3x3x3.

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