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Other Shapes: Cylinder
Spax BarrelA Fisher Cylinder with spherical cuts.
Square column deployedA cylindrical Square-1 in midturn and restickered.
Square-1 Lateral BarrelA Square-1 in shape of a cylinder with an unusual oriented axis system.

Star PuckA pentagonal domino in shape of a cylinder and showing a beautiful pentagram.
Subatomic Cylinder CubeThis is a shape variant (sic!) of a subatomic cube.
Sun Stone or Aztec Calendar 1x3x3A cylindrical Floppy Cube resembling a famous Mexica sculpture.

Super Barrel 8x8x8A 8x8x8 truncated into the shape of cylinder.
Super Coin 1x2x2A 1x2x2 with four additional almost trivial layers.
Swirl CylinderA cylindrical 3x3x3 solved in midturn with custom stickers, a spiral pattern in four colors.

Time Clock RainbowA Square-2 in shape of a barrel.
Time Clock SQ2A Square 2 with three layers in shape of a cylinder.
Triple IQ1393 pucks stacked upon each other to form a new 3-layered puzzle. This time with totally distinguishable pieces.

Two StarfishA ghosted puzzle in the shape of a hyperbolic surface cylinder with the axis system of a pentagonal prism.
Void CheeseA cheese with a void in the middle and stickered like a cheese.
Void Triple CheeseThree void cheeses stacked onto each other to form a single puzzle.

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