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Other Shapes: Cylinder
Rota - Black&WhiteThe black/white-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota"
Rota - Gold&BlueThe Gold/Blue-version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota"
Rota - NumbersA version of the swissmade 2x2x2 puzzle named "Rota" with numbers on the stickers.

Round Fish DominoPieces of a rhombiminx used to create a 2x2x2 with four additional layers. Afterwards truncated into a cylindrical shape.
Rubik's Cheese - Rubik's Sajt Logikai JatekA very rare collectors item from the eighties. One of the puzzles invented by Ernö Rubik himself.
Senior BarrelA Pyraminx Magic Barrel with an additional set of cuts and enhanced twisting capabilities.

Seven Dwarves MugA mug with images of the seven dwarves without snowwhite. Not a real puzzle as the three rings do not interact with each other.
Shark Fin SoupShape variant of a bandaged 3x3x3
Skewb BarrelA skewb in shape of a cylinder. One cut is parallel to the top and bottom faces.

Skewb BarrelA skewb in shape of a barreled cylinder.
Sliding PucksThree pucks stacked and used for a complete new handcrafted mechanism.
SmaZ ClockA three-layered puck with an additional orthogonal cut.

SMAZ CLOCK - back to SQA Square-1 with three layers in shape of a cylinder.
Spax BarrelA Fisher Cylinder with spherical cuts.
Square column deployedA cylindrical Square-1 in midturn and restickered.

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