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Eric Vergo
Alaina's CubeA shape trasformation of the Astroid Attack. This already non-understandable puzzle was made even more confusing by transforming it into hexahedral shape.
AstrominxAn icosahedral Starminx.
Bram's BrickA hexahedron with an unusual prismatic axis system.

Childs PlayTwo 2x2x2's which have to be solved "together".
Compound CrystalA non-shape-shifting puzzle with a highly unusual axis system.
DeceptiminxA deceiving face turning dodecahedron with very unusual cuts.

Dreidel SkewbAn edgeless Master Skewb.
Geared Redi CubeA puzzle which looks like a Redi Cube but uses gears to force a synchronized move.
Master StarminxA face turning dodecahedron with four cuts per axis. Compared with the Master Brilic it has two additional types of pieces.

Nightmare 3x3x3Although it may appear to be a normal 3x3x3, It's actually bandaged internally.
PentagramA corner turning dodecahedron.
Redi 3x3x3A hybrid puzzle consisting of the abilities of a Redi Cube and a 3x3x3.

Rex SkewbA combination of Skewb and Rex Cube like the name says.
RhomdoA fully functional face turning trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron. An almost jumbling-only puzzle.
Royal PentultimateA face turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis all very close to the puzzle's center.

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