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Spiral CubeA 3x3x3 which still has 6 sides but an additional twist. It lies somewhere between a 3x3x3 and a Fisher Cube.
Spiral Cube (bandaged)A 3x3x3 bandged to resemble a spiral on one corner.
Spiral Surface 3x3x3A 3x3x3 related to the "Ball Sudoku Cube" from Mefferts

SQ224A 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it has an extra twist.
Square 3DA unique combination of Square-1 and 2x2x2.
Square MixupA Square-1 where a 90-move for the central square is a meaningful move.

Squished SkewbA skewb in shape of a rhombohedron.
Star Cube IIThis puzzle combines Compy Cube with six faces resembling the megaminx.
Star Ferry CubeA 2x2x2 in shape of the ferries known from Hong Kong.

StarpadA Dino dodecahedron more than cut in half. Five out of twenty axes remain.
Super I-CubeThe I-Cube from Calvins Cuboid series with one circle on the non-extended sides.
Super L-Cube HybridThe L-Cube from Calvins Cuboid series with circles on four sides.

Super Octo CubeA more advanced version of David Pitcher's OctoCube.
Super PyraminxA Pyraminx which allows 60 turns.
Super Pyraminx BallA hollow sphere with tetrahedral axis system that allows 60-turns.

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