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Deceptive Siamese CubesLooks like a Siamese Cube but is a 3x3x3 with additional cubies glued on.
Deep PentaA pentagonal prism solely made to proove that there are "deeper than origin" puzzles.
Deeper MadnessA deeper cut version of More Madness (which itself is a deeper cut cousin of Meteor Madness). A jumbling-only puzzle.

Dia CubeA bandaged 5x5x5 inspired by the "Burr Cube".
Digit Rotations20 pieces on two intersecting rings.
Dino Square-1A Square-1 further bandaged with a stickering scheme resembling the four colored Dino Cube.

Double CrossOne plunger and two rotations used to move ten pieces.
Double DinoA puzzle which axes do not meet in a single point. It combines mechanisms of the Floppy Cube and the Dino Cube.
Double TroubleA set of two 3x3x3s which implement different subgroups althought their behaviour is deceivingly similar.

DreidelmateA puzzle derived from the Master Pentultimate and the Dreidel Skewb. An edgeless Master Pentultimate.
Drilled Truncated DodecahedronA skewb with 3D printed extensions to give it the shape of the name giving solid.
Edge of InsanityA jumbling-only puzzle based on the triangular dipyramid geometry.

Edge-Road Bandage CubeA variant of the Latch Cube. Latches are placed on four edges.
Eitan's Star mechanismThe version which was mass produced by MF8 beginning in 2013
Elephant 1x2x5A 1x2x5 in shape of an elephant.

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