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OctaStar IIThe successor of the 24-Octahedron. A hybrid puzzle that adds the axis system of a Magic Octahedron to the Little Chop.
Octo-StarA face turning cube, capable of 45 degree turns in some circumstances.
Offset CubeA cubic 2x2x7 with a twist that allows the pieces to be exchanged between the layers.

Open Twist BallA Twist Ball truncated to become an "open" puzzle.
Oskar's Danger CubeAn extension of the Caution Cube or Geared Mixup concepts - this time with more types of moves possible.
PenguinA puzzle with mechanism of UFO and the shape of a penguin.

Pentagon puzzleA puzzle inspired by the famous building of the DoD in Washington DC.
Pentagonal Diyparamid SkewbA skewb in the namegiving shape.
Pentagonal Prism 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in shape of a pentagonal prism.

PentaminxA corner turning hexahedron in shape of the Truncated Triakis Tetrahedron.
Peter's Black Hole 2x3x3A sample of Peter's Black Hole reduced by one layer.
Peter's Black Hole 3x3x4A sample of Peter's Black Hole extended by one layer.

Platinum Cube Also known as "Master Golden Cube". A Master Skewb transformed like the Golden Cube.
Pocket GeraniumA smaller version of Geranium with three circles in different distances.
Polo ShiftIn solved position this puzzle looks like a 2x2x2 with one cubie missing but it is indeed a moving hole puzzle which pieces can be strangely oriented.

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