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Moving: Marbles
TurnstileSubtitled: "The sequential movement puzzle". Made from solid brass.
Vergo 24-CubeA Little Chop combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.
Vergo's CubeA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-marbles-puzzle.

Veselye SharikiDifferent version of the Hungarian Rings with a different number of marbles and two opened sides to move the marbles.
Viginti CubeA 3x3x3 with six rings of moving marbles.
Vision PussleA variant of the Ten Billion Barrel with six columns. Originating from Japan, like the better known version from nintendo.

Volshebnye K?ltsaA variant of the hungarian rings, produced in Yerevan Factory Theatre-souvenir products during the soviet era.
Volshebnye paralleliThe soviet version of the original Orb-It.
Volshebnye SharikiGroup the two colours onto the two different rings.

Vosmerka (coloured version)A coloured version of the Hungarian Rings of soviet origin. It came in at least four different body colours.
Vosmerka (kpkhp)Another version of the puzzle. This is from the soviet union and does not use marbles.
Vosmerka (stronger plastic)Another version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has an enhanced case with more plastic.

Vosmerka (transparent version)Another soviet version of the hungarian rings. This one with transparent body but without open rim.
Vosmerka (version in plastic bag)Produced in at least two different factories with different coloured marbles.
Vosmerka (version with removable pieces)Another soviet-era version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has a partially disassemblable body.

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