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Moving: Marbles
Speed spin TriangleSix circles of moving marbles on two sides with five rotations.
Spin - 5Related to the Top Spin puzzle but with 5 numbers to spin instead of 4 and numbers up to 26. Made in Taiwan.
Spin ZillionAnother mass produced version of the Ten billion Barrel. It even shows the earlier name of the puzzle's top surface.

StretchlabacusA variant of Quartolabacus with asymmetrically elongated bends.
Super AstrolabacusA custom printed Astrolabacus with numbers on every marble.
Super Brain SpinnerA puzzle with moving marbles which reminds one of the Astrolabacus.

SwitchBackA series of 8 bars with holes in them is used to move the marbles from cell to cell.
Synchro LoopOne ring of marbles with two circles that always turn together.
TanglelabacusA bigger variant of Astrolabacus with eight segments but still four channels of beads.

Ten billion 2/3A ten billion barrel with only two colums to push the marbles up and down.
Ten Billion BarrelA classical japanese puzzle from the original cube craze. This entry is about the versions with Nintendo-logo.
Ten Billion Barrel - 42 mmA very small version of the ten billion barrel with key chain.

Ten Billion Barrel (8 layers)A ten billion barrel with eight layers which gives four times the size of the original puzzle.
Ten Billion Barrel (Junior)A ten billion barrel with one layer and 10 beads removed.
Ten Billion Barrel (Master)A ten billion barrel with an extra layer including 10 additional beads.

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