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Olimpiada-80A moving hole puzzle with 4*6 tiles minus one hole. Commemorating the olympic games from 1980.
Orbital PuzzleThree intersecting rings in a 2D-puzzle of soviet origin.
Orion-14Four intersecting circles (in steps of 90) in a 2D-puzzle of soviet origin.

Piramida (Odessa)Another tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union.
Piramida Golovolomka (Kharkov)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union. Not named "Moldavskaia Piramidka"
Piramida RelenaiaA pyraminx for the blind produced in the Soviet Union.

Piramidka (Penza)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union with a simplistic name.
Raduga (Snake)The soviet version of Rubiks Snake which was named P????? or Raduga.
Raduga (Varikon)Five layers and five columns of marbles moved with the help of an additional single hole.

Raduga (Whip-It)Whip-It with four layers and six columns. Made in the former soviet union.
Ramka A puzzle from the soviet union with intersecting plungers made in the eighties.
RanzhirAn implementation of Tower of Hanoi with eight pieces.

RomashkaAnother variant of the soviet flower puzzles.
Shar VolshebnyiLooks like a puzzle with utilizes marbles and one hole to move them but in fact it is dexterity puzzle.
Shar-ZmeiaThe soviet versions of Rubiks Snake which were named ???-???? or Ball-Snake.

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