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Volshebnaia Zmeika (Sarapul)The soviet versions of Rubiks Snake which were named ????????? ?????? or Volshebnaia Zmeika and produced in Sarapul.
Volshebnoe DominoA 2x3x3 from the 1980s with a different surface and inner mechanism.
Volshebnye K?ltsaA variant of the hungarian rings, produced in Yerevan Factory Theatre-souvenir products during the soviet era.

Volshebnye paralleliThe soviet version of the original Orb-It.
Volshebnye SharikiGroup the two colours onto the two different rings.
Volshebnye Shariki (Babylon Tower)The soviet version of the Babylon Tower.

Vosmerka (coloured version)A coloured version of the Hungarian Rings of soviet origin. It came in at least four different body colours.
Vosmerka (kpkhp)Another version of the puzzle. This is from the soviet union and does not use marbles.
Vosmerka (stronger plastic)Another version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has an enhanced case with more plastic.

Vosmerka (transparent version)Another soviet version of the hungarian rings. This one with transparent body but without open rim.
Vosmerka (version in plastic bag)Produced in at least two different factories with different coloured marbles.
Vosmerka (version with removable pieces)Another soviet-era version of the Hungarian Rings. This one has a partially disassemblable body.

Zanimatelnaia BashniaAnother soviet Varikon. Six columns with seven marbles each.
Zanimatelnaia ZmeikaThe soviet versions of Rubiks Snake which were named ????????????? ?????? or Zanimatelnaia Zmeika or preoccupation toy.
Zanimatelnyi KubikSliding blocks in white an another color. From the soviet union.

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