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Square-1 (3 layers)
Plane Bump Square-1A Square-1 "bumped" in one direction. The puzzle's center was moved away from the solids center along one axis.
Puck 2/16Two 16-segmented circles on a 1x1x2.
Pyramid SquareA square pyramid made from a Square-1. At least this announcement made the built worth it.

RB Square-2The concept of the "Marcos Square-1" applied to a Square-2: A Square-2 in midturn transformed back into cubic shape.
RD-1A Square-1 in shape of a rhombic dodecahedron.
Rhombohedron SQ-1 XA Square-1 in the shape of a Rhombohedron.

Siamese Square-1A Siamese Square-1 fused at the corners
Siamese Square-1 IITwo samples of the Square-1 fused into one common puzzle.
SmaZ ClockA three-layered puck with an additional orthogonal cut.

SMAZ CLOCK - back to SQA Square-1 with three layers in shape of a cylinder.
Sphere-1A Square-1 in shape of a sphere.
Split 1x2x3 IIA 1x2x3 where the corners are split up by two planes.

Square column deployedA cylindrical Square-1 in midturn and restickered.
Square SixA Star prism in shape of a cube.
Square-0 CuboctahedronA Square-1/2 shape transformed into a cuboctahedron.

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