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Square-1 (3 layers)
Square-2A modified Square-1 where the corners are split into two pieces. A non-bandaged puzzle unlike the original.
Square-2 Hexagonal PrismA Square-2 tilted and transformed into a hexagonal prism.
Square-2 TriangleThe unbandaged version of the Tri-1 aka Tri-2.

Square-3A Square-2 with pieces which were further split up.
Square-3 PlusA Square-1, combining one layer of a Square-1 and one layer of a Square-2.
Square-4The bigger brother of a Square-2 with even more pieces. The Square-4 is unbandaged so that moves are possible every 18.

Square-equalA Square-1 in which all pieces have equal size. Therefore it does not behave like bandaged puzzle.
Square-equal starA Square-equal in the shape of a star prism.
Squared CircleA Square-2 with an additional slice turn.

SquarhedronA Square-1 (or more precise: a Star Prism) in shape of an octahedron.
Squarrel-1 (bandaged Square-1 octagonal barrel)A bandaged Square-1 in shape of an octagonal prism.
Star PrismA very attractive Square-1 mod.

Stochastic Cutting CubeA Square-1 (or better: a Star Prism of the Square-1) transformed into hexahedral shape while in midturn.
Super CubixVirtually (if not exactly) identical to the orignial Square-1.
Super ZockA Zock cube with the eight top and bottom pieces split up.

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