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Square-1 (3 layers)
Square-0 OctahedronA bandaged Diamond Octahedron or a reshaped Square-1/2
Square-1The logo on this version is written in a different font.
Square-1 (mono coloured)A Square-1 that is solved by shape only.

Square-1 (sports)A Square-1 with stickers depicting Jesus performing in various sports.
Square-1 1/2A Square-1 with the smaller pieces split in halves.
Square-1 BarrelA cylindrical Square-1 but with eight segments of equal size on top and bottom.

Square-1 Lateral BarrelA Square-1 in shape of a cylinder with an unusual oriented axis system.
Square-1 MinxA puzzle similar to Square-1 but with 10 identically wide segments.

Square-1 PG (parallelogram)A Square-1 with the shape of a prism and a parallelogram as its base.
Square-1 Youtube Play ButtonThis Play Button was made by 3d printing extentions and gluing them to a Square-1.
Square-1.25A square puzzle looks like a square-1, but with one quarter of the square-2.
(1+1+1+2)/4 = 1.25.

Square-1.5A different square (2+1)/2 = 1.5
Unlike the Square-1 1/2 four of the broader pieces were split.
Square-1.75A square puzzle looks like a square-2, but with one quarter of the square-1.
(2+2+2+1)/4 = 1.75.
Square-1/2A Square-1 bandaged to have identically sized pieces.

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