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Helicopter Cube (aka Bevel Cube)
Above:The Helicopter Cube solved.
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An edge turning hexahedron.

The Helicopter Cube was invented in 2006 and was built the following year. It's the first edge-turning puzzle to be mass produced. When a single edge is turned at the appropriate angle (about 71 degrees), another edge can be turned, and the puzzle will jumble.
It has 24 centers and 8 corners, and it also contains 12 hidden edge pieces.

Independent from Adam Cowan, famous puzzle inventor Katsuhiko Okamoto created his own variant of this puzzle under the name "Bevel Cube". He even finished his creation one months before the one of Mr. Cowan. Since Mr. Okamoto's creation was kept a secret, until Mr. Cowan presented his design the latter one is named as inventor here.
The "Bevel Cube" attended the design competition during IPP27 in 2007.



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