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Bauhinia non-regular icosahedronA Bauhinia Dodecahedron truncated into the shape of an irregular icosahedron.
Brachio StarThe concept of the Dino Star adapted to an icosahedron.
Cat's Cradle - (Radiolarian 5)The 5th entry in the series of Radiolarians. All these puzzles are designed by the same person and all of them are face-turning icosahedrons with different cutting depths.

ChopasaurusThe first deepcut corner-turning dodecahedron.
Chopasaurus Jr.Looks like a Master Brillic but it twists around its corners.
Circo-Radiolarian (Radiolarian 2)The first face-turning icosahedron with planar cuts.

Cornered RadiolarianThe follow-up to Radiolarian I. This time including corner pieces.
CTDSphereA Dino dodecahedron in shape of a sphere.
Eitan's NebulaHigher order face-turning icosahedron. a.k.a. Master Eitan's Star - a.k.a. Master FTI

Eitan's Star (aka DeFTI)A Deeper Face-Turning Icosahedron. The short form of this gives the puzzle its name.
Face-turning icosahedronThe first known face-turning icosahedron. The first version was made in 2003 completely made by hand and from scratch.
IcosaixA face-turning icosahedron. Not the first one but the first to reveal the jumbling geometry of this type of puzzles.

NovaMinxA vertex turning dodecahedron with two types of jumbling.
PentagramA corner-turning dodecahedron.
Pentagram (Hexa World Map)A sticker variant of the Pentagram.

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